Here's a sample of our selected works from the past 10 years


 1. A large ITC company wanted to update their marketing and communications strategy 

2. We mined and analyzed professional discussions in social media

3. We discovered a conceptual gap in the discussion topics 

4. A new strategy was created to utilize the strengths of the company in filling the gap 


 1. One of the largest and oldest companies in the Finnish food industry wanted to stay relevant in the fast changing consumer market 

2. We modeled and visualized hundreds of lifestyle blogs regarding the food product group

3. We discovered that the food product group was featured mainly as part of a service experience

4. The company opened a storefront that offered the service experience


1. Large player in the travel industry wanted to know the brand positioning of the target destination. 

2. We analyzed media materiel from target markets that mentioned the destination

3. We discovered several previously unidentified  differentiating aspects of the target destination

4. The differentiating aspects were raised as the key marketing messages

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