Take full advantage of your customer feedback

Easy, fast & intuitive AI powered text analysis for customer experience management

Discover the drivers of your customer experience with the help of our AI powered analysis


Intuitive visualization

See how your customers' mindset is build and how your brand is positioned.

Make sense of your KPI's

Discover what drives your detractors and promoters and what are the main issues in different parts of your customer segments 

Combine multiple sources and multiple languages

Customer feedback, chat logs, social media, surveys an other types of open responses are all treasure troves of insight. 



Customer Feedback

Use our pretrained AI for discovering what your customers are happy or disappointed about.

Open Ended Responses

Discover hidden topics in open ended responses and natural text, e.g. social media, surveys etc.

AI Training

We help you create your own AI using your own data. For example, use the customer feedback from your current customers to predict churn.



A large ITC company wanted to update their marketing and communications strategy.

We helped.

How do we help you?

We offer a fast, reliable text analytics as a service

1. Contact us

Just a short brief and tell us what do want to know, e.g. "What are the main issues of our detractors?"

2. Send us the data

CSV, Excel, text file etc. it's all good

3. AI + NLP + network analysis = our magic

(You can take a break here)

4. Receive the results in few days

We'll go through the report face to face or by phone

About Us

The sensemaking startup

Sometrik develops technology to dig out the underlying structure in data. We help people to focus on their jobs instead of trying to make sense of analytics. Our technology is based on AI, machine learning, natural language processing and network analysis. 


Our clients include companies, corporations, governmental organizations and NGO's.


Sometrik is build on over 10 years of experience in research, consultancy and technology development.


Funded by Tekes, Finnvera and Salomaa Group



Leppäsuonkatu 9, 00100 Helsinki Finland


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